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Why won’t dentists give me prices or quotes over the phone?

The short answer is they don’t want to give the impression of a “Bait and Switch”. Here is the long answer: If you do receive a quote over the phone, the prices given are usually for the most common procedures. However, during your exam, the doctor may see something that would dictate the necessity of a different procedure and associated cost. So what you may see as a simple procedure, may be complicated by other factors. Most dentists use a … Continue reading

How to Read an EOB

Sections: What is an EOB? The Anatomy of an EOB Dissecting an EOB Why Check an EOB? Top Errors on EOBs Dental Insurance Provider Refuses Payment References and Additional Resources « Back to Resources What is an EOB? An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is NOT a bill. It is a summary sent by a health insurance company every time a patient receives treatment from a medical professional. It outlines the dates and types of treatment received, and the costs the … Continue reading