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Saving Your Tooth: A Smart Investment

Root Canal or Extraction – Weighing Your Options Root canal treatment to save your tooth is almost always a better option than extraction. It’s a good investment in the long run for several reasons. Long term complications that result from extractions include: Bite Misalignment Drifting Adjacent Teeth Bone Loss at the Extraction Site Bone loss over time reduces the likelihood of qualifying for future implant treatment in many cases. In addition, the cost to have a future bridge or implant … Continue reading

Diabeties & Root Canals

In recognition of National Diabetes Month in November, Emergency Dental Care USA reminds diabetic patients that they should pay special attention to their oral health care, and address potential problems as quickly as possible. Diabetics who properly manage and treat periodontal disease could save an average of $1,477 on pharmacy costs and an average of $1,814 on medical care costs per year. Diabetics are more susceptible to abscesses, gum disease and oral health issues because diabetes reduces the body’s resistance … Continue reading