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Information regarding dental techniques including fillings, root canals, periodontal care and other restorative treatments.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are dentists affiliated with insurance companies? No, you are their customer. Your dentist will request the estimated coverage on your policy (the % your insurance covers of a particular treatment) and calculate your out of pocket cost accordingly. Estimates are not a guarantee of payment by your insurance. Dentists cannot accurately know in advance what your insurance company will actually cover or not, until after the insurance company receives the billing information. So as the patient, you are responsible for … Continue reading

Saving Your Tooth: A Smart Investment

Root Canal or Extraction – Weighing Your Options Root canal treatment to save your tooth is almost always a better option than extraction. It’s a good investment in the long run for several reasons. Long term complications that result from extractions include: Bite Misalignment Drifting Adjacent Teeth Bone Loss at the Extraction Site Bone loss over time reduces the likelihood of qualifying for future implant treatment in many cases. In addition, the cost to have a future bridge or implant … Continue reading