Why won’t dentists give me prices or quotes over the phone?

Why don't dentists give quotes over the phone

The short answer is they don’t want to give the impression of a “Bait and Switch”.

Here is the long answer: If you do receive a quote over the phone, the prices given are usually for the most common procedures. However, during your exam, the doctor may see something that would dictate the necessity of a different procedure and associated cost. So what you may see as a simple procedure, may be complicated by other factors.

Most dentists use a Universal “Dental Procedure Number Code” with a cost assigned to each procedure. Between General Dentistry and Specialist Dentistry there are several hundred procedure codes and related fees. So unlike calling your local tire shop where a few questions and answers get you a price, there are questions neither you or the doctor can answer until he or she performs an exam and x-ray.

Hence prices are a tenuous, and often seen as a risky thing to quote over the phone. We all expect a business to stick to a quoted phone price, but it is just not that simple with dentistry. At Emergency Dental Care USA, we offer reasonable exam and x-ray fees (which we’re always happy to provide over the phone), and will always tell you all options and costs before doing any treatment.

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