Employee Testimonials

Our employees are our best recruiters

Our employees make this a truly special place to work. Their hard work, compassion and dedication to our patients is a big part of who we are, and why we’re growing. Here are some of the kind words our employees and doctors have to say about working at Emergency Dental Care USA.


LaDonna Langstraat

Practice Administrator

Since 2009

As an employee of Emergency Dental Care for almost 10 years and a dental professional of more than 22 years, Emergency Dental Care understands importance of work-life balance, promotes positive work atmosphere, values employee feedback and views the company as one team working together toward a common goal.

Carla Stitt

Registered Dental Assistant

Since 2011

Great company, fast pace, high energy, and fun work environment. At Emergency Dental Care I work with family, not just coworkers, you work alongside great professionals and support staff who share a deeply rooted passion for providing our patients with compassionate, quality dentistry.

Dr. Joseph Solinger


Since 2009

I started working at Emergency Dental Care nine years ago. One of the many great things about working for this company is that you can do it as much or as little as you want. Whether you are interested in working for EDC full time or part time, there is usually a way to make it work so you can make either a great living or fantastic extra income.

Working here is different than other private practices in a few ways. For one, you get the chance to use your full base of knowledge, you get to see and treat things that rarely happen in regular private practice. Also, people come to Emergency Dental Care for treatment. What I mean by this, is that this is different than that uncomfortable conversation you have to have in the hygiene room explaining to your patient that they need dental work when they just came in for a cleaning. At Emergency Dental Care, that almost never happens, patients come here in pain or with an acute need, there is no convincing required. They are seeking you and seeking treatment, and are extremely grateful to have it.

I have never been genuinely thanked and felt the reward of truly helping someone in need more often in any other practice. I go home every day in amazement at how many people I actually helped and when you string those days/weeks/years together, you actually start to feel like you are truly making a difference in your community. Not only is this practice emotionally and spiritually rewarding, but it is quite financially rewarding as well. If you are willing to work hard and treat as many people in need as you can, you can do quite well. There is no shortage of emergencies, and like I said, they want dentistry; there is no “selling” involved. The only limiting factor on how much money you can make is yourself, and there are not many opportunities in life where you get the chance to make as much money as you are physically able to produce.

In short, Emergency Dental Care is unique type of practice that I have found to be fast paced, exciting and rewarding in all areas of my life.