We want to make your visit as painless as possible, including the paper work and your post-operative care.

Medical History Update Form

Fill out this form if you have never visited Emergency Dental Care USA before, if you have developed any medical conditions, or if you have started or stopped taking any medications since your last visit. This form will help us identify and avoid any potential problems such as allergies to medications, or complications from other medical conditions.

Please download, print, and fill out the patient info and medical history form to the best of your ability. This will help us reduce your wait time in the office, especially for same day appointments. Download: PDF | MS Word.

Post-Operative Care

If you’ve received treatment for oral surgery, please follow the instructions provided on the Post-operative Care page.

How to read an EOB

Reading an Explanation of BenefitsAn Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a summary sent by a health insurance company every time a patient receives treatment from a medical professional. To learn more about EOBs, their purpose, and how to read them, visit our EOB Resources Page ยป

More Helpful Resources

ADA – Founded in 1859, the not-for-profit ADA is the nation’s largest dental association, representing 157,000 dentist members. The ADA has grown to become the leading source of oral health related information for dentists and their patients.


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